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This January, assuming enough students sign up for it, I will start teaching a 15 week course through GHF Online (Gifted Homeschoolers Forum). (See link at bottom.)
Powers Beyond the Ordinary: ‘Super’ Women and Men in Science Fiction and Fantasy
In addition to the titles/topics listed, I am interested in your thoughts on what would be good works to include - books, movies, plays, etc. I know I won't even remotely have time to even check out all of them between now and then, but I know I will look at many of them and make note of the others - including them in a broader list for students who want to go further in the topic. (Students should be 12 years old and up for this course.)

A few of the items on my list beyond those mentioned in the course outline:
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
The Invisible Man
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Tom Swift (Senior and Junior)
Slan (van Vogt)
Odd John (Stapledon)
The Whole Man (Brunner)
Shockwave Rider (Brunner)
Children of the Thunder (Brunner)
Children of the Atom (Shiras)
Beggars in Spain (Kress)
Cyteen (Cherry)
Dorsai! (Dickson)
A variety of McCaffrey tales - both Pern and Pegasus stories

I have a bunch more, but I will be interested in your ideas, too. Don't worry if they are too obvious. I'm a bit more interested in books than movies, but the best (and most accessible) anime would be of interest to me as I don't know the genre, really. Esoteric comics are best, as I am pretty well versed in the mainstream characters.

There is no way that I will even thoroughly cover the topics I already have - but I imagine I will be teaching this again!

Thank you in advance for your thoughts.

Course description as well as outline are at the link.

Click here for the course description and outline.
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