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Almost 5 months ago, I wrote about the palsy, the tremor in my hands at times.

Last night, I finally talked directly to my father about it - about his.

Josh: Have you ever gotten a diagnosis for your tremor?
Dad: No. Why would I? It does no harm.
Mom: That's not a very helpful response.
Dad: Maybe Fred did (his older brother), but if he did, he never told me about it.
Josh: No, I am pretty sure that he hasn't.
Dad: Well, it is not as if his tremor is any worse than it was.
Josh and Mom: Yes it is.
Dad: Well, then, mine isn't!
Josh: Yes, it is.

The conversation continued. He did not know/had not noticed that I have it, too. Nor had my mother. (who does not seem to have it - and yes, it is relevant. Her great-grandparents (mother's father's parents) are the same people as his paternal grandparents.)

I noted that I test myself a few times a year by threading a needle (as mentioned in the earlier post). He replied that every morning, when he tears open his sugar-substitute, he tried to put the small corner back inside the sugar packet.

It's the same testing behavior. What can I do? Can I still do this?

I am mostly amused. Though, it might have been nice if he had talked to a doctor about this - now, I think I really ought to... even if I am fairly certain that the benign essential tremor notion is on target.


May. 11th, 2006 02:06 am
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I don't remember when my hands started shaking. I can remember it for at least 20 years - I am almost 50, now. For a long time, only my left hand shook. I don't mean big, wild movements. I mean a vibration, a tremor. It was enough to make threading a needle challenging without making anything impossible.

These days, there are times when both hands shake, not just the left. The more agitated my mind is, the more the hands shake. A bad day is when I cannot open the flip top on a coke can with my left hand. I have to hold the can in the left and open with my right.

I would, on a bad day, hold a bowl with my left and hold the fork with my right.

A really bad day, I have to hold the bowl with my right hand while trying to feed myself with the left, as it shakes.

I can still remove a splinter and still thread a needle. I just don't know for how long.


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