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[ profile] museteasers had as today's prompt "No Escape" - coincidence? I think not.
Erik was watching the show intently, as his mother shouted up the stairs to him.

"It's time to go, Erik! We have to get you to your new school."

New school. Right. School? Military academy. Boot camp was more like it.

"I'll be right down, mom - I'm just watching the final episode from the DVD series you got me for my birthday, since I won't be able to watch it at school. It's the last one - and he has to get out this time!"

"Right now, young man! This is exactly why we're sending you to this place - you won't do as you're told. Come down NOW."

He shrugged, got up, and grabbed his bag. In a final display of futile resistance, he left the TV and DVD playing, and went down the stairs to the car, to the 'school,' to his new 'life' that was no life at all, as far as he could tell.

As they drove away, Number Six was recaptured and returned to the Village.
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Patrick McGoohan, was best known to me for his role in The Prisoner, which he created to answer the question of what happens to secret agents when they try to retire.

He'd played John Drake on the show Secret Agent (They've given you a number, and taken away your name...), where he worked first for NATO and then the British agency M9:

This inspired the later show, The Prisoner:

It was a brilliant series and probably the most surreal weekly show to ever have been shown on broadcast television.
Goodbye, Number Six. May you be chased no more.


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