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"I'm so tired."

If you are reading this, to name a mathematician, and then name one of the opposite gender, and leave it in the comment space for a small experiment a friend is doing. (If you already did this for Sachi/on Sheroes, skip it here, please.) And if you can't think of one or the other or either after some thought, just say that.
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I was minding my own business and reading my email, when one note included a link to a BBC article on a new discovery by a computer scientist about dividing by 0: Nullity.

He presented it, apparently, to be peer-reviewed. The 4th graders found it initially confusing, but eventually felt that they understood it and approved of it.

The article is here, along with a gazillion comments from BBC readers, many of whom might say "We are not amused."

If you get a search page, instead of the article, use the word "nullity" and it is the article entitled "1200-year-old problem 'easy'."
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Portion sizes growing with American waistlines

Food servings are bigger than 20 years ago, but most unaware, study says

All well and good, right?

A 1994 informal survey found that the standard plate size in the restaurant industry grew in the early 1990s, from 10 inches to 12.

“That holds 25 percent more food,” Schwartz said. “That really makes a difference in how much our plates can hold and how much we eat from them.”

New math?


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