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American Colonial Christmas Music - Berkeley Chamber Singers

Hallelujah - Josiah Flagg
My soul doth magnify the lord - Old Indian Hymn (?!)
Christ the Lord, the Lord most glorious (with the Moravian Chorale) - John Antes
Song of the Angels - Winchester (tune)
Dedham - William Billings
An Anthem for Christmas (Hark! Hear you not a cheerful voice) - William Billings
A Virgin unspotted - William Billings
Boston and Shiloh (Methinks I see a Heavenly Host) - William Billings
When Jesus wept (canon) - William Billings
What wondrous love is this - William Billings
Coronation (All hail the power) - Oliver Holden
Christmas Hymns (While shepherds watched their flocks) - John Palma
An Hymn: On Christ's Nativity (Behold! The grace appears) - William Tans'ur
An Anthem out of the 2nd chap. of Luke (Behold I bring you glad tidings) - Joseph Stephenson
Anthem (Now for a tune of lofty prince) - Samuel Holyoke
Worcester (How beauteous are their feet - Abraham Wood
Magnificat (My soul doth magnify the lord) - Charles Theodore Pachelbel

Christmas Carols & Motets of Medieval Europe - The Deller Consort w/Musica Antiqua of Vienna

De Nativitate Domini - Anon.
Ave Maria Lauda - Giacomo Fogliano
Decet huius conctis horis - Jan of Jenštejn
In Nativitate Domini - Pedro de Escobar
O Regina, Lux Divina - Anon.
Hodie Christus natus est - Giovanni Pierluigi de Palestrina
Nescient Mater - Byttering
Et in terra pax (instrumental) - Johannes Ciconia
Crist and Sainte Marie - St. Godric
Sancta Maria - John Dunstable
O Maria virgo (instrumental) - Anon.
Gloria - Anon.
Puer natus - Henricus Isaac
Foeno iacere (instrumental) - Thomas Stoltzer
Maria Zart - Ludwig Senfl
Beata Progenies - Leonel Power
Alleluya Psalllat - Anon.

Sir Cristemas - The Elizabethan Singers

I saw three ships come sailing in - Trad. (arranged by Simon Preston)
The First Christmas - Fleming/Fricker
Deck the hall - Trad. (arranged by Hugo Cole)
Dormi Jesu - Trad. (music by Richard Rodney Bennett)
Here we come a-wassailing - Trad. (arranged by John Joubert)
Our Lady's Song - Aon. (Music by Nicholas Maw)
Unto us is born a son - Pieae Cantiones (trans. by G.R. Woodward, arranged by Eastwood)
There is no rose of such virtue - Music by Joubert, words medieval
We wish you a merry Christmas - Trad. (arranged by John Garfdner)
Silent Night - Rothery/Gruber (arranged by Alan Ridout)
The Boar's Head Carol - Trad. (arranged by Malcolm Williamson)
Balülalow - words by James, John, and Robert Wedderburn, music by Halsey
Out of your sleep arise - 14th century words, music by Anthony Milner
Ecce Puer - James Joyce/Bernard Naylor
What Cheer? - Richard Hill/William Walton
From Heaven winging - Trans. by Swinyard, arranged by Basil Ramsey
Welcome Yule! - Trad. (music by John Joubert)
Ave Maria - Hail, blessed flower - medieval words, music by Peter Maxwell Davies
The first nowell - Trad. (arranged by John Gardner)

Now Make We Merthe: Medieval Carols - The Purcell Consort of Voices w/the Boys of All Saints, Margaret Street

Lux hodie: Orientis partibus
Resonemus laudibus
Verbum caro: In hoc anni circulo
Fines amourettes
Verbum patris hodie
Lullay, lullow: I saw a sweete
Fulger hodie de Pespine
Now make we merthe: Now God Almighty
Noe, noe, noe, psallite
Nowell The: borys hede
Pray for us: In this valey
Verbum patris humanatur
Conditur fut le non-pareil
Nova. nova: Gabriell off hye degre
Nowell: Dieus vous garde - Richard Smert
Riu, riu, chiu: El lobo rabioso
Verbum caro: Dies est laetitiae
Joseph, lieber Joseph mein - Joseph Walther

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One of my favorite musicians has a new album out, Learn to Sing Like a Star, and an article and recorded interview are on NPR's World Cafe:

The recording features the first track, "In Shock," from the album and then her doing live acoustic performances of another couple pieces from the album, "Winter" and "Under the Gun."

I have been listening to her music since she was first screaming in the Throwing Muses, almost 25 years ago when she was in high school.


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