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What: A weekend in which you can take multiple classes on a huge variety of subjects.
When: The weekend before Thanksgiving.
Who: Students in grades 7-12
Cost: $30
Registration: Splash 2009 student registration will open Nov. 3rd at 8 pm.

One weekend in November, thousands of students of all types flood to MIT just for ESP’s Splash program to learn anything they want. From fractal fun to Hungarian history to aircraft analysis, Splash participants are introduced to a huge variety of topics by over 400 classes taught by teachers from the MIT community.

Up to 20 hours of classes taught by people who enjoy what they have to share to kids who want to learn it! Hard to beat that.
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That was fun.

Simplest way to put it.

4 classes for kids, 2 for parents, and 1 with both kids and parents. Filled and overfilled my rooms a couple times. Got to see many old, familiar faces. Met many new students whom I expect to see again. Missed a few folks I had hoped to see - including at least one who was there!

Tried diving for the first time in a while, on Saturday. Apparently, one is supposed to do it other than onto a sidewalk while clothed and carrying things! Fortunately, ripped jeans and a mildly skinned knee were the worst of the damage. The cell phone went flying, but did not suffer. And I suspect I was needing a new pair of jeans soon, anyway.

Got to spend a good chunk of time with Rebecca, a friend from home (meaning Townsend, in this instance), whom I'd not seen since summer - and not to talk to, in person, other than while she was at work, in well over a year - maybe two. I hope she will teach next year - HSSP or Splash or both.

I shared my parent presentation on underachievement with another presenter, Diana, who talked about twice-exceptional children. Her information was important and her knowledge of that part of the field was extremely solid. I was glad that the parents had a chance to hear her.

I found her to be irritating and dry, needing to always get the last word in - and wordier than I (and I am too wordy as it is). She also insisted that every human being as some area in which they are 'gifted' even if it is in making other people happy or something. Suffice it to say, while I think this is a lovely notion, it doesn't seem to have any basis in reality.

But having her there was definitely a blessing - in the midst of the session, I was informed that due to scheduling problems, the room for the Parents Lounge was being 'knocked down' so another group could use it - which was more than a little bit of a surprise to me/us! Diana's presence allowed me to deal with that, while not delaying the presentation at all.

I particularly enjoyed getting to meet Darkmoon from Sheroes - Splash is generally not a good time for me to talk much with many people, but a face to attach to a name is good. For the same reason, I was sorry not to cross paths with Stellata Silva! I never did find out where she was teaching - or even determine if she was at Sunday's teachers dinner. I would have introduced her to Rebecca, who is a schoolmate of hers. Other Sheroic folks were in and around, like Ebeth (with Dorian), Eliza/Dorie, and Mantelli/Angy - as ever, too little time for meaningful conversation, really. My own fault, I suppose, for insisting on nearly filling my schedule.

Seeing so many of the Voyagers kids (and some of their parents) was good, too. Some of them I had in this class or that - mostly, I saw them in the hallways. My twice-yearly BIQ friends were a pleasure, as well - Jessie and Katy (who could have been listed above, but really hung with this group, so she is here), Alexa and Teresa, various and assorted parents, hangers on, and the like. Got to actually talk to more of Kit Finn's relatives than usual, and they were fun, too.

Working with Wenda, from BIQ and other places, on the Parents Program went well - as did the program itself. ESP was grateful, the parents were grateful, and some of the kids were grateful for it, as well! "Mom, you really have to hear this!"

I was exhausted. Now, I am merely tired. *smiles* Wait until next year!
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Short Notice award goes to me.

The fine folks at the MIT Educational Studies Program are running a mini-Splash this Saturday (one day only), at Hudson High School in Massachusetts.

It is under-enrolled. Therefore, they have decided to let folks in a broader community know about it, though as noted, very late in the game.

So, for those in the area, 3 two hour classes for $10 (with the usual aid policy).

Check it out!
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For those of you either in the Greater Boston area or who are going to be coming up to MIT's Splash program this November, the teacher registration process is now open.

Come teach something neat and interesting to the more than 1000 students
in 6th - 12th grades!

If you know somebody whom you think the kids would love and who would
enjoy the opportunity, do feel free to pass the news along.


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