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I wrote about my stuffed animals and their history a few weeks ago. One of my readers, [ profile] questingbeast responded that she had not known I was a stuffed animals person.

She responded further by making and sending to me a beautiful blue teddy bear with a bowtie.

He is not yet named. I will try to let folks know when he tells me what to call him.
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I don't remember what, if any, stuffed animals I had as an infant or child. I certainly had GI Joe dolls and sometimes played with my sister's Barbie.

My first modern stuffed animal came from my girlfriend on (about) my 21st birthday. His name is Taz, cleverly enough, and he is a tasmanian devil of the Looney Tunes variety.

Alicia the Squirrel was next. She is really a hand-puppet more than a proper stuffed animal, but I suppose to me that does not really matter. She was a squeaker, but her voice box disappeared many many years ago.

Fittingly enough, I acquired Skip next. Skip is a moose. That's right, Moose und Sqvirrel!

Cardinal, a Wooly Mammoth, was next, followed by Sara, a triceratops, and then Tara, a Pteradactyl - Tara mostly has soared in the living room. Cardinal has wandered off somewhere, but I am sure he will turn up at some point.

Hmmm... somewhere in there, I got a vulture, who tends to sit perched off to the right of my desk, threateningly.

My more recent acquisitions have returned to the mold of presents from others. Jule, the purple monkey and Colosso, another Mammoth, are presents from Sheroes. Colosso tends to glare and stare. At the moment, his eyes are most assuredly turned to the west southwest. If you watch him closely, you will note that the eyes move slightly left and right, but ever so slightly.

Jule watches over the desk in my office, too, but more to keep order and to prevent the vulture from doing any damage, I suspect.

(I also have a "Couch Potato" which was 'lovingly' given me. It tends to keep Taz company.)

In the past, Taz, Alicia, and Skip have been up on the bed, the latter two along with a cast of other characters from a different life. Those folks have left and for some reason Alicia and Skip meandered also. Perhaps they will make a reappearance. Taz, while well loved, is not even slightly squishy and probably will not.


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