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Geocities was my first website, as it was so many people's. It provided a base for the beginnings of my Gifted Tutorial, still unfinished, but still developing. It hosted the information from my explorations into non-linear thinking styles. And it hosted my two works on underachievement, From the Inside Out and From Negative Behavior to Potential; along with the companion piece to From the Inside Our - Patterns for Charlie, by my mother - and one of Jim Delisle's pieces.

Tens of thousands of folks read those pieces on Geocities. They were seen there and republished in Australia and Canada, and translated into Flemish, Dutch, German, and Danish.

Thank you, Geocities, for existing and being easily used by a noob. Thank you, Yahoo, for letting it live as long as you did, and for giving us enough lead time to find new homes for our work - it was enough for me, certainly.

I know that many of your pages will live on in the Wayback Machine, but it is not the same. R.I.P. Geocities. You will be missed.
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I apologize for those of you seeing this 2 or 3 times.

A former student of mine has created a new website designed to make it easier to match up music students with music teachers:

It had a few rough edges when I looked at it the day it went live - but the idea seems sound and the bugs seem minor and readily fixed. So, I'm promoting it, because it seems like a really good idea!


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