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Playoff tickets, anybody?

Of course, the Red Sox don't know when they are playing, because the Yankees don't know who they are playing, because the Twins and Tigers are tied, but are not having their playoff game until tomorrow, because the Vikings are playing tonight in the Metrodome - the dome the Twins are leaving after this year.

But the idea of going to the playoffs is an attractive one, until I remember that the Sox have lost almost every playoff game I have ever gone to!

So, I will content myself with watching them at home.

Unless somebody really surprises me - then the Sox will just have to overcome the jinx of my being there in person!
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Today, in an abrupt turn around, the favorite, President Bush, was upset by a late entry in the Understatement of the Year Award. WNBC, the television affiliate of NBC in New York City, eager to scoop the field on the Mitchell Report and the list of steroid users, put a list up on their website that purported to be "the names expected to be on the list." Below is a more recent post from WNBC, with their entry statement bolded and in color:

"This morning, prior to the time in which the Mitchell report was made public, published a list of ballplayer names that we expected to appear in the report. There were a number of discrepancies between our list and the Mitchell report, and we mistakenly listed several players that did not appear in the report. regrets the error and sincerely apologizes for providing the incorrect information. The official Mitchell report can be found at the following link:"(link cut)

There were 78 names on the WNBC list. 26 of them were on the official list. 52 names or 67% of the list should never have been there. "A number of discrepancies," indeed!


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