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In honor of my 60th birthday (which will be next November 12th), I am going to try to write 60 stories and/or chapters between now and then (with some slush days if I need them through the end of the 2016 calendar year).

If you would like me to write a story for you (or one of your loved ones), respond to this message indicating that you want one and what you would like the theme or genre or topic to be. (Western, Children's story, Underachievement, etc.)

If it is not for you, personally, then let me know for whom it is being written and preferably age and gender, as well as preferred theme/topic/genre. Age/gender can be in a private message rather than a post. I prefer one per person/family. If you want more, mention that, too. I *can* do one for a family or a group.

Unlike last time I did something like this (with 11 stories in a year), there is no need for participants to create 10 things for others, though if you did that would be very cool!
The first 58 next 20 people who respond will receive a story or chapter (unless you specify that you want me not to). (If you replied to the Facebook post, please don't reply to this post!)

I think I'm nuts.
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This is from my friend [ profile] notadoor.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could help her out!
Hey, wanna help a poor (panicking) thesis student out? Are you between the ages of 18 and 24?

Take my survey:

It's about help-seeking, friendships, and mental disorder. It's really short, really basic, and entirely anonymous & confidential. I'm hoping to do a second survey in a month or so based off the data from this one, but that means I need results quickly!

If you're not between the ages of 18 and 24, but want to help, you can forward the link to any of your friends who are in that age group.

Thank you!

(In a later post, I will tell you how much of an absolute nightmare it was to get this survey up and running.)


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Went to see the Seacoast Rep. production of Godspell, primarily because Jesus is the son/sib of friends, and because spouse wished to go see it. Probably would have thought about it and then not gone, otherwise, as it is 90 minutes away and the night before I have to leave around 6:30am for HSSP reg.

One reason to go is that I like the show - and I believe it is better done by younger actors than by adults only. I did the show, as producer and playing the part of Judas/John the Baptist in 1979, at MIT's Kresge Little Theater, with the aforementioned MIT High School Studies Program.

Watching/listening to this show brought a plethora of memories, mostly good. Also brought a variety of reflections, mostly bittersweet. (and thinking about those reflections brings on more of the same) I could almost hear the voices of my cast mates doing their parts as these young folks did theirs. That they added 6 cast members and that we had gender differences in some casting/singing did not seem to hinder my mind in the slightest. Nor did the inclusion of some new riffs - some from the playrights and some from the director, I am sure.

I don't know the cast of this production. I wonder if the closeness that many of us experienced is normal or abnormal for such a show. For years afterwards, many of us, when at a party together, would sing together. Of the 12-14 people associated with that show 26.5 years ago, I am still in loose touch with 5 of them. (one of them is even on my Flist, though I have seen no sign that this means readership.) It is not a close connection with any of them. I think that is far more me and my frame of mind than them, with maybe one exception. I talk about how important people are to me, but I know I do a terrible job of retaining connections often, knowing that I am letting things slip and yet not managing to do anything about it.

I guess that I want to work on this, but I lack confidence in my ability to do so. As Dragon so succinctly suggested on the subject of apologies, if one says one is sorry and then does nothing to change the behavior, the apology is sort of purposeless.

Follow through, in general, is not exactly a strength.

So... there may be a part 2. I intend NOW that there should be a part 2. But I am going to bed now, because I am managing to keep a commitment, or, at least, come close to it, in terms of when I would sleep.

*trails off, singing "All Good Gifts" to self*


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