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I am thankful to all my students, past and present, who have filled my life and helped to give me purpose. I am thankful that so many of you have become friends, as well, and that some have become colleagues.

I am thankful, as well, to my friends who have been far more family to me than I could have expected or even hoped for, and provided me with joy abounding.

I do not stop to express this every day, but neither do I stop feeling it just because this day is over. Scarcely does a day go by but that I am conscious of your presence in my life and grateful for it.
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"I Believe in Father Christmas"
-- Emerson, Lake and Palmer (Greg Lake/Peter Sinfield)

They said there'll be snow at Christmas
They said there'll be peace on earth
But instead it just kept on raining
A veil of tears for the virgin birth.

I remember one Christmas morning
A winter's light and the distant choir
And the peal of a bell and that Christmas tree smell
Eyes full a tinsel and fire.

They sold me a dream of Christmas
They sold me a silent night
They told me a fairy story
Till I believed in the Israelite.

And I believed in Father Christmas
I looked to the sky with excited eyes
Than I woke with a yawn in the first light of dawn
And I saw him through his disguise.

I wish you a hopeful Christmas
I wish you a brave new year
All anguish, pain, and sadness
Leave your heart and let your road be clear.

They said there'd be snow at Christmas
They said there'd be peace on earth.
Hallelujah, Noel, Be it heaven or hell,
The Christmas we get we deserve.
This is aimed at a people, not at individuals.

(insert seasonal greeting of your preference here)


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